Top 5 Best Rowing Machine Reviews

Rowing machine is one of the best exercises for building a strong back, as well as one of the most effective low-impact aerobic exercises for increasing your metabolism. As a result, you can efficiently burn calories and fat without impacting your joints.

There are many row machines that make an ideal workout accessory for anyone who wants to get in tip-top shape. This site provides honest reviews on the best models of rower that you can rely on.


Top Rowing Machine Comparisons Table

The following table provides you with a quick snapshot of the top rowers that are available for your references:

ModelResistance TypeFeaturesOur RatingFull Review
Concept2 Model DAirF M P PC R4.9 / 5.0Click Here
WaterRower OxbridgeWaterM P PC R4.9 / 5.0Click Here
Concept2 Model EAir/MagneticF M P PC R4.7 / 5.0Click Here
WaterRower NaturalWaterM P PC R4.5 / 5.0Click Here
LifeCore R100Air/MagneticF M P PC R4.2 / 5.0Click Here
ProRower H20 RX-750WaterF P4.6 / 5.0Click Here
Velocity Fitness CHR-2001MagneticF P4.4 / 5.0Click Here
Kettler Kadett OutriggerHydraulicF P4.2 / 5.0Click Here
Kettler FavoritHydraulicP4.1 / 5.0Click Here
LifeSpan RW1000MagneticF3.9 / 5.0Click Here
Stamina 1215 OrbitalHydraulicF4.3 / 5.0Click Here
Stamina 1050 Body Trac GliderHydraulicF3.9 / 5.0Click Here
Stamina 1399 Air RowerAirF3.9 / 5.0Click Here
HCI Fitness Sprint Outrigger ScullHydraulicF3.9 / 5.0Click Here
Stamina 1205 PrecisionHydraulic--3.7 / 5.0Click Here

Legend for Features column:

Features:  F : foldable   M : multi-user profiles   P : display pulse rate   PC: PC compatible   R : race boat

rowing machine

Great Row Machine Brands – Info and Reviews

Following are some of the top rower manufacturer’s is the market today. Also you will find some of the recommended models and reviews by the manufacturers.


As one of the manufacturer that began composite racing oars since 1976, the Concept2 indoor rower was created since 1981 and it models has became the best-selling rowing machine in the world today.

Of course there are the reasons behind their success. The Concept2 Indoor Rower has grown to be a familiar and well-respected fitness machine worldwide, supported by exceptional customer service.

The different models of the Concept2 rowing machines have their uniqueness. For more details on the individual model review, click here.


WaterRower Inc. was formed in 1988, in the United States. Today this company has over 70 staffs in 11 global offices. They produce various types of high quality rowers to fulfill the market needs.

The unique WaterFlywheel design uses a specially formed paddle to cup the moving water, reduce slippage and produce an unrivalled simulation of the machine make it special compare to other manufacturers.

Click here to read the comprehensive reviews on different model of rowers by WaterRower.


Stamina Products Inc. was founded in the United States since 1987. From the beginning, their focus has been to supply quality and value to the fitness and leisure markets.

Stamina fitness equipments can be found at leading retail stores across the US and Canada, and on numerous fitness web sites. Also, this company always produces the affordable hydraulic type of machines.

For details and reviews of the individual Stamina row machine models, click here.


Kettler, a company established in Germany has grown from a small factory into a world-wide manufacturing and marketing organization producing leisure furniture, fitness equipment, table tennis tables, bicycles, and children’s outdoor toys.

Their rowing machines are designed to contribute to the well-being and fitness of the customers, young and old alike. Click here to read more reviews of the Kettler rowing machines.


How to choose a good, top quality rower?

The following are some of the tips for choosing a great rowing machine:

¨       Easy to assemble with clear instructions manual? Also, ensure that all the necessary tools are provided.

¨       Get a quiet machine so that you still can enjoy your favorite’s music or even videos while exercising.

¨       Some machines design for beginner or casual users while other like Concept2 machines mostly design for extended, heavy duty use.

¨       Price – This depend to the individual budget. Normally rowers start around $150 and go up from there.

¨       Product quality – look at how a specific rowing machine is made and how it’s held together and what type of metal or plastic that it’s made from. You want something that is going to last a long time.

¨       Strength level – You want the rowing machine to be able to go up to the right strength level for you and the tension level can be adjusted.

¨       Is the size really matter? If your gym or house spaces are limited for rowing machine, get a small, lightweight and foldable machine.

¨       Customer services – How the manufacturer’s representative handle complaints and how helpful there are? Besides phone, is there other ways to get help like forum, online chat, etc.

¨       Warranty periods – The longer better. Some manufacturer’s offer longer warranty periods than others.

¨       Brand – Does the brand make the different? Some brand includes more accessories.

¨       Is the machine comfortable? If possible, try one out before you buy, and look for product reviews.

For more info on how to buy a best rowing machine, visit this page.

To conclude, choosing a good rowing machine for yourself is very important as it will target your entire body and work to get you in better shape quickly and easily.

On this site you can find some of the best suppliers with the rower machine types and models you need to outfit your home gym. Take your workouts to a new level by choosing the best rowing machine for your budget and space requirements.